March 1, 2021

Fitness in the 21st Century: Seeing Beyond Weight Loss

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Author: Agatha “Boss Lady” Atlholang

When the word Fitness comes up in any conversation, ten out of ten times, weight loss becomes the main topic of discussion. Sadly, it has been entrenched in our minds to think that exercise is simply for overweight people. In an age where information is literally at our finger tips, we still ask backward questions such as, “Why do you go to the gym when you are not overweight?”, or more stupendously, “I’ve reached my goal weight, so there’s no need to go back to gym.” It’s no wonder our local gyms are packed in summer and quiet in winter.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, I believe that fitness has more to offer than simply shedding kilos. Journey with me as I redefine fitness in a way that will keep you motivated to live an active lifestyle.

“Age ain’t nothing but a number”

Getting older is no fun if it’s accompanied by aches and pains. Unfortunately, as we get older our bodies naturally deteriorate at a cellular level. Much like our cars, if we do not service our bodies with safe exercise, proper nutrition, rest, as well as minimal stress, we too become smoking jalopies fit for the scrap yard. Let’s flip the script on age and let’s be proactive and make wellness our way of living. We can’t stop the aging but we can control how we age.

“So when am I getting my grandchildren?….You not getting any younger you know”

The most annoying question that cuts across all geographies, gender and races!! Forget the obvious selfish motivation for a second, when old folks ask this question in some instances, it’s predicated on the notion that if you have kids, when age starts taking its ugly toll they will be there to take care of you.

Unfortunately, the reduction of the socially constructed gender disparity is a result of women becoming more independent and involved in the business environment. Naturally, the hunger to excel and succeed abundantly is alluring to a point were marriage and having children has taken a back seat for most individuals. Faced with this reality, it only stands to reason that we ought to take better care of our health, so we age gracefully and still be able to fend for ourselves physically. Not everyone will end up married with children to look after them.

Don’t get sick, my pocket is in recession!

The economic burden that comes with aging, especially when we fail to eat healthy and partake in an active lifestyle, are draining. Non Communicable Diseases are on the rise and medical bills of the elderly are increasing.

I’m sure we can all agree that prevention is better than cure. Start young, invest in your wellness account today, so that as you get older you worry less about medical costs.

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