March 1, 2021

Editor’s Note

A big welcome to all our readers to this maiden issue of Truth Lifestyle and Entertainment Magazine.

Africa is our home, Africa is our pride and Truth Magazine deliberately focuses on telling and sharing African success stories and showcasing various African talent from across the continent. For too long, we have constructed our aspirations, dreams and lifestyle from inspirations that come from European designed magazines and our youth have moulded their goals around celebrities from the US, UK, France, Germany etc and yet we have successful and grounded celebrities right here in our continent.

The DNA of our magazine and what separates us from the rest is how we stubbornly choose to focus only on our African stories and the bright stars that shine in this our continent of light. We hope you can journey with us and through our articles spread the word of how Africans like you and I are changing the world in our separate corners of Africa.

May our journey together be educational, entertaining and inspiring!

Hillary Chataika


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