March 1, 2021


Mazani Hair Products: Truth Magazine

Mizani true textures range is your one stop solution for all your natural hair care needs no matter what
kind of curl pattern you have, from your coils, curls to your waves. These products will definitely have a
solution for you. As the name Mizani implies to balance in Swahili, these products have been designed with balanced moisture for natural curls, coils and waves, infused with Mother Natures’ olive, coconut and morula oil. We will start with the cleansing or washing part of the regimen, and walk you through some of the amazing products on this range and the fantastic properties they have.We have reviewed one line of products to help you get the best results, as these products are designed to work in perfect harmony to give you the ultimate haircare solutions that are going to change your haircare regimen into a lifestyle.


Mizani Moisture Replenishing Shampoo

The Mizani moisture replenishing shampoo has the best properties to cleanse natural or processed hair without excessively stripping hair of its natural moisture. It cleanses gently leaving your hair soft to the touch.
Its high moisture retention properties are attributed to the infusion of
natures’ curl care complex technology-coconut, olive and morula oils.
• Smooth’s conditions and hydrates hair
• Rich in anti oxidants and essential fatty acids for healthier moisturized and
defined curls
• Paraben, Sulphate and Silicon free.

Mizani Cream Cleansing Conditioner

Gently cleanses and conditions all in one step. It aids in moisture retention and maintains the curl
pattern for a soft touchable texture. This product can replace your co-wash whilst giving your hair a
lot more moisture, smoothness and defined curls. It detangles your hair, creating softer, shinier and
restored curls from the infused coconut, olive and morula oil. This product does not contain harmful
smoothing agents like silicones, parabens and cleansing agents like sulphates. It is also a time saver
for the modern busy lives since you can skip the conditioning part after cleansing.

Mizani Intensive Restorative Treatment

This is my favorite product on the back bar range. I can say it is the I.C.U for excessively dry and frizzy hair. You can literally walk in with a ball of frizz on your head and leave the most amazing curl definition, moisture, shine and hair that is soft to the touch. You can use this as your weekly treatment to replenish moisture.

Mizani Curl Defined Pudding

This product is a heaven sent for all those with extremely coiled and tight curled hair. It is a light weight hold product with amazing frizz control and grease free shine. This product delivers glossy, defined curls without the crunchiness, which gives the hair a nice soft feel to the touch. It also boasts the magic ingredient from Mother Nature, coconut, olive and morula oil.


Mizani Twist and Coil Gelly

This is the product that you can use for wash and go. You can use it for amazing coils, twist-out,braid-outs and even just as a curl activator on your texturised, s-curl or natural curls. Its amazing consistency allows for easy application and spreading of products on the hair. For those with hair that has got heavy shrinkage this product can also significantly reduce shrinkage for a more manageable supple texture.


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